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Virgins Customer Service - Terribly frustrating and broken promises

This isn't going to be too long winded but I need to voice my discontent with Virgins 'service'. Some may find this amusing.


I originally contacted Virgins mobile customer service at the beginning of this month (June) to help me fix the problem I had with my Sony Z1 compact. The bleeding headphone socket isn't working correctly. Clicking the headphone jack fully into its socket produces no sound. I do get some sound through them only if I pull the jack back out ever so slightly which of course is no real use to me. 


Anyway, the phone is only a few months old and so I was hoping to get it fixed. I was told my phone wasn't registered correctly and I had to wait for it to be registered in order for them to take me through the steps in order to get it fixed. I remember I had to give them my phones IMEI number. At the end of the call I was promised they would ring me back on a certain day they expected that to be done by, a few days or so. They never did and so I rang back a few days afterward to make sure they'd had time to get that done. And when I rang back I was told It still hadn't been done and they'd ring me back once it had and that I shouldn't worry as I'd eventually get my phone fixed. Okay, great, I was thinking. They said it was going to take a week this time. Strange, I thought, but okay. How long does it take to register an IMEI number and get back to me? After all, I bought the thing from their website, but, okay.


Yes, of course, that week comes and goes and still I receive no call. I ring back the day after they'd promised to call me to find out it will apparently take just one more day and that I should expect a call the very next day. I was promised again that I should still look forward to getting my phones issue solved and working again. Cool, I thought. Just a bit more patience required and things will sort themselves eventually. Yes you guessed it; they never got in touch that time either.


By now I was weary of ringing them again as I was fed up of hearing the same old tripe. Wednesday, 17th was the day they'd promised to ring back on last. I waited until today (23rd) to ring back as I’d had enough of their broken promises. I was somehow full of optimism; it’s around 3 weeks since the first call so they'd have to have registered it by now, right? That’s ample time to register a number to my account, surely. After ringing there was no mention of that today so at last, progress. Bad news though, after talking through what my problem was for the fourth time I was told on this occasion that my phone isn't covered by the warranty and that I should perhaps contact Sony in order to get it fixed.


Oh for heaven’s sake! After all that and they tell me it isn't covered. Especially after hearing multiple times on multiple occasions by multiple people promising me my phone will be fixed and so on. Somehow I remain polite and had been on previous calls by the way. Sure, I'd reminded them that the service was starting to resemble a joke the last time I called but that was about it. This time however frustration levels must’ve hit eleven because I’d requested to speak to the manager. I wanted to voice my concern at how shoddy their bleeding service is. And then as I'm about to be put through to him, Paul was apparently his name, I hear the dial up options when you first get through to Virgins customer service line… press 1 for..




A disgruntled customer.


P.S I went though the dial up options again in order to speak to the manager, however the person I spoke to first promised they'd like to try and help get it fixed. This time they took me through some actual steps. First we tried a hard reset. That didn't work but I was asked to try a factory reset next and if that doesn't work she will have it sent off to get fixed, apparently. Absolute Madness!

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