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Virgin signal and data speed

Why is virgin so bad on there signal strength and data speed compared to EE if you share there network.
Where I live the nearest 3/4G mast is around 500 metres from me in direct line of site from my window I connecting on 3G for both tests, using my virgin SIM I get 2 bar signal and 5.26 meg download a 0.98 meg upload using same phone with EE SIM in the same room my signal strength goes up to 4 bar and data speed is 12.68 megs download 2.21 meg upload? You say that EE doesn't restrict you but something most be happening to have such a big difference overall.
Has anyone else found this in there area if you compare the two networks?
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Re: Virgin signal and data speed

I have a theory that Virgin phones prefer the old T-Mobile masts over Orange, hence the discrepancy. 

EE probably choose the best signal. 

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