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Virgin are literally useless

20 Months into my 24 Month contract.


1. Phone kept not recognising the sim - kept persevering and got it manageable, but not completely fixed.

2. Never get any reception, for 20 months have just had that damn circle with the line through it - I use another pay as you go mobile phone for the past 20 months. According to the virgin techs I have enough signal to contact martians - BS!

3. The SIM card is now completely screwed. Virgin won't help me and the excess on my contract (free insurance) is the price of a Galaxy S6 edge - nice free insurance, that no one will use because the excess is stupidly high.



Will be writing to Virgin as high up as possible to state how I want my contract terminated immediately after the 24 months and have ensured to tell every single person I ever meet to never ever go with Virgin Media.

My internet constantly randomly shuts down too - and my 100mb/s package rarely reaches 2-3mb/s.


Useless company.


No wonder Dick Branston Pickle is so damn rich, he sells services that don't actually do anything - saves the company a ton of money on phone masts and internet exchanges.


Have been with vodafone, O2, and EE (T Mobile back then) and Virgin is a new level of crap. I know every companies forum will have these kinds of messages - but trust me, Virgin is the worst phone company ever. Was with them back in '02-'03 and they were terrible then too. If anything they have got worse.


Now time to shed out more money on a contract with another company - I better get to keep my number!

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Re: Virgin are literally useless

Hi pssedoffatvm333,


Thanks for posting.


Sorry to hear your'e not happy with your services from us. Appreciate your very frustrated with this.


I'd like to help you out with this.


I can check your connection for you and mobile if you wish but I'm having trouble locating your details.


I will send you a private message shortly (red envelope, top left hand side) to gather some further details.


Speak soon

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Re: Virgin are literally useless

According to the virgin techs I have enough signal to contact martians? did they say that? 

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