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Virgin Underwriters

I have been with Virgin Media for over 14 years never missed a payment, I have 3 phones on contract 1 just renewed two coming up for contract renewal, I was told I could order two more which I did, then to be told its gone to the underwriters and their decision is final.

I then received a phone call from VM stating the underwriters have said no and to reapply in 3months time, well the fact of the matter is in 3months time 2 phones are up for contract and I will not be renewing them.

Then I was told to email the underwriters and how long will they take to reply when I wanted the phones as a Christmas Present. 

How can they refuse me when Ive never missed a payment?



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Re: Virgin Underwriters

Hi sammeejay,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


I'd like to apologise for the problems you've had trying to order a further 2 handsets. It's never nice to know you've been rejected especially if your payment history with us has been superb.


I'm afraid there's little I can do as the decision is out of my hands but I'd like to know the latest on this anyway. Could you answer the following questions:-


Did you email the Underwriting Team?

Did you get a response?

What the final outcome?


Hope to hear from you soon.



Forum Team
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