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Virgin Mobile Support, Deceptive Practices or Just Incompetent?

I want to know what resolution I have here because whenever I call, frankly I am lied to.


June this year, technical issues meant my data stopped working for about a week. I phoned up and said I wasn't happy, and that my tariff (unlimited everything @ £16.50 a month) wasn't compettiive with other service providers offerings.


No problem, they said, month free for your tech issues and we'll take you down to £15 a month from now on to keep you.


I got my free month, but then next month, I got a letter saying my tariff was going up to £17. I called virgin support again, and they said to ignore the letter, that it applied to my previous standard tariff and I had been put onto a retentions deal which overruled it.


This month, my bill did go up to £17. Phoned up. Lady said 'I don't know why they told you that, you have gone back onto standard tariff and it is now £17'. She was pretty rude to be honest and said 'I think you'll find in the terms and conditions we can change pricing'. The point is not that you give yourselves dubious legal loopholes to mess me around, it's a question of customer services. Don't offer a customer a retention deal if it never actually gets honoured.


She moved me off the unlimited data tariff I was on and has moved me onto the 4gb data deal. I asked what happens if I use more than 4gb of data, she again lied and said it would just throttle me. I will actually get charged a rate per day.


So the question is whether virgin mobile staff are incompetent and make it up as they go along, or whether they are wilfully deceptive and lie to get you off the phone? Which is it?


This is not the first time this has happened by the way, I've been lied to 12 months ago when a CS rep changed my tariff without authorisation and the first support lady said "the previous tariff has never existed, I've worked here for 5 years" - though i did get through to retentions who confirmed for me that tariff used to exist but they couldn't offer it anymore. I just don't understand why your staff lie so much.

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Re: Virgin Mobile Support, Deceptive Practices or Just Incompetent?

Hi Richard--,


Thanks for posting and bringing this to my attention.


I apologise wholeheartedly for the way you've been treated. This isn't something I like to hear especially if you feel you've been lied to as this is clearly not our intention.


If you ever feel that you haven't been treated right on the call or been provided with the incorrect information then there's an escalation path which starts with speaking to a manager. If any feedback or training is needed they can implement this.



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