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Virgin 3 month bill for taking out of wrong bank?

So I've been with Virgin Mobile for a few years now on a rolling contract, I have had the same bank all this time and paid every month without failure. Now, I have been billed for 3 months because of a bounced payment, when I called the staff spoke to me like I was stupid. 

I have paid every time, when I explained I checked with my bank and my statements to ensure I was not at fault, I can see that they have changed my bank account to my old account, that is no longer in use! I questioned this as I have much more than just my mobile fund available in my bank, they said someone called and changed my bank details.

I would NOT do this as it is an inactive bank account, when I explained this, they said someone else may have done it and find out who it is.. They said they bypassed the security question, when I requested my question clue, there are MANY people who know the answer to things within my family. I am outraged as now I have a 3 month bill for a phone that I have not been using, so I am paying for literally NOTHING. And now I am being blamed because they have been given the wrong details. 


I will continue to refuse to pay this, as I am definitely not at fault!!

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