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VM will not unlock iphone 5C

before moving to Canada I called up Vm to get my iphone 5c unlocked. They gave me the following instructions on what to do:

1. back my phone up

2. reset it as new 

3. put the new sim in

Despite following these instructions several times my phone is still locked and I am stuck in Canada with no phone.

I've had family in England contact VM for me for them to unlock the phone, but they are now denying the device is theirs, despite having it on contract with them for two years. I do not know if it's because this is not the original phone they gave me, as I had to make a claim on their insurance plan, perhaps they did not register the device as theirs before giving it to me.

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Re: VM will not unlock iphone 5C

That happens all the time, replacement phones should be added to the user account, when they are not in 99 cases out of 100 it does not matter, in this case it does, if you still have your virgin account out may be able to add the imei and phone to the account, then try again for the unlock code. I understand Apple are very firm on unlocking phones due to the market for stolen phones, if you can't get Virgin to give you the unlock code I'm afraid your phone will remain useless outside of the UK and a virgin sim ( is not linked to virgin U.K. and the sims are not interchangeable.

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