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VM refusing to repair a phone in warranty

Hi all, Like others that I have read about VM is refusing to either repair or replace my broken mobile phone. The story goes as follows: The phone started to go wrong in early February this year. To explain in more detail The handset is an iPhone 5s that was bought from Virgin Mobile in April 2015. The handset would not charge properly as the cable would not connect properly in the charging port. A number of cable were tried, but it made no difference. You have to hold the cable in a certain position to make the connection. I contacted VM on the 15th Feb and they agreed to take the phone back for repair under warranty. It was returned on the 22 Feb and received by VM on the 23 Feb. As I hadn't heard anything from them I called them on the 1 March. A helpful operative tried to find out what the latest was, but was only told that there was on issue with an unauthorised repair and that they may not be repairing it. He would call back the next day with an update. I called back about 3.30 pm yesterday (3 March) as I had not had a call back. I spoke at length (well over and hour) to the VM technical and billing teams and to both operatives and senior management. It would seem that their technical department ( a contracted company) have stated that there has been an unauthorised repair undertaken on the handset and as such it is out of warranty and will not be either repaired or replaced. Despite confirmation from both myself and my son (the main user) that no such repair or tampering has taken place VM will not accept that the problem is their responsibility and refused to move on this position. Despite keeping calm and trying to explain that we have done nothing to the handset since receiving it their stance is to take the word of their contracted repair agents over their customers, effectively calling me and my son liars. I have been to told that I will get a fault report detailing the nature of the unauthorised repair, together with photographs, when the handset is returned. However, this does not detract from the fact that we have not attempted to repair or tamper with the phone in any way since receiving it new from Virgin Mobile. I tried also speaking to their complaints department and said I was considering leaving, but we just went round in circles and they would not budge. I am now left with a phone that will not charge and an outstanding bill of circa £240. If I cancel the contract I was told in no uncertain terms that I will still have to pay the outstanding balance. I was even asked if I wanted to cancel the contract there and then and pay the balance!. I am not sure where next to go with this one other than just keep ringing and complaining. As with many of you I would just like VM to fix the phone so it can charge properly, is that too much to ask? Has anyone with a similar issue got any advice or know who is best to contact in this faceless organisation? I have been with them since 2002 with TV broadband phone and mobile, but it seems loyalty counts for nothing these days. Is BT any good?
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Re: VM refusing to repair a phone in warranty

Hi Trevor8,


Thanks for your post Smiley Happy


I'm very sorry to hear that you've had some trouble with the repair of the phone. I want to get this looked into for you.


So I can do this, I've sent you a PM detailing the next steps.




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