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VM changed my mobile number

My phone was stolen on Sunday 25th September at 12:15am I used the online form to notify Virgin of this and then called on Monday 26th September to request a replacement sim. Upon logging into my account I noticed a different number attached to the account .I called to query this and it was discovered that the advisor didn't order a replacement sim but in fact deactivated that number and ordered me a new number. The advisor raised an investigation and listened to the call, he confirmed that I hadn't asked for a new number and just a replacement sim. He told me he would investigate whether the number could be retrieved and keep me updated by email.

Today I had heard nothing despite being told I'd be kept up to date, so called once again to be advised again that the investigation confirmed the fault was due to the employee of Virgin but there was no way the number could be retrieved......

I am furious. I am 13 months into the contract, this number is used for emergency contact details, online banking, business contacts and much more to be told I have lost that number and will have to have a new one! I find this completely unacceptable and believe that this is a breach of contract, if I have to have a new number I would rather this come from a new provider who I can trust and don't have the worry that due to lack of understanding/training/incompetence that this will happen again.

Please could you let me know how you intend to resolve this huge inconvenience I have been faced with. 







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Re: VM changed my mobile number

Hi Carlarogers83, 

Thank you for taking the time to post on the Forum. I'm sorry that your number is been disconnected in error. 

Apologies that the Forum Team aren't able to escalate this further for you. 

I appreciate that this is not the level of service we would expect to provide and

it's understandable that you're unhappy with the situation.

If you have raised a formal complaint by calling or writing in to us (please see Contact Us: > Something else > Making a complaint > Virgin Media Complaints Code of Practice for these details) and have not come to a satisfactory resolution within 8 weeks, there are other options you can take, as outlined in our Code of Practice.

If you would like to escalate your concerns to us then please get in touch following those methods to allow us to deal with your complaint in the proper procedure.

Kind regards,

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