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VM & Yodel incompetence

Long story.

Daughter looking for a new phone goes for the Samsung S6 & Tablet deal with VM.  Told that the phone will be delivered to home on the Tuesday last week. Ends uup that Yodel tries to deliver the package on the Monday. Nobody home so she rearranges delivery to her Work address on the Thursday as they couldn't redeliver it any quicker. Thursday comes no sign of the package, gets a text to say its been delivered. After many conversations with Yodel they eventually let on that the package has been delivered to somebody called Leigh(?) 75 miles away . But would not release the actual address. Tell my daughter that it will be 24/48 hours before they can deliver the package.  She discusses with VM who agree to cancel the account and block phone, sim, etc and that she should reorder the package, which she does. New order to be delivered on Saturday, Me and my wife take it in relays to ensure that somebody is always at home until it is delivered. Hey presto delivered Saturday evening - one happy father, daughter & mother.

Today my daughter finds she has been charged for both packages as VM/Yodel are both denying ownership of the returned package.

Currently trying to Get PoD and PoC information for the "lost" phone so try and prove to VM that she has never taken ownership of the phone.  

Also find in the small print that as soon as VM hand the phone over to Yodel, they are no longer responsible for it but the new "owner" is. Surely the contract for the delievr y is between VM & Yodel - how can the customer be responsible when they have no choice over who is the courier?

Still trying to work things out but not happy with the way VM have handled this.



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Re: VM & Yodel incompetence

Virgin should chase up Yodel about this, as they pay for the delivery they and not you are Yodels customer. Also you can under distance selling regulations return/cancel the order


Call back in and ask to speak to someone in authority, sadly the operators now have to do everything jack of all trades and some of them are better than others (as happens in all walks of life.

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Re: VM & Yodel incompetence

Try email CEO office: *************

They are usually very quick and helpful. No point in going around the houses....I've always found the Organ Grinder sorts things out pretty quick!!Smiley Wink

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Re: VM & Yodel incompetence

Hi Keando,


Welcome to the forums Smiley Happy


I'm really sorry that you're having issues with this. I want to look into what's happened regarding the delivery. Are you able to PM me all the details including the full name on the account, the mobile and 3 characters of the password?


You can do this by clicking on the image of my face and selecting the send me a message option on the right hand side.


let me know as soon as you can.



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Re: VM & Yodel incompetence

My elderly relative had a similar issue. She received a new phone from VM and kept her existing number. VM insisted she had also been sent 2 new sim cards and had been billing her for them, which sent her overdrawn at the bank. VM could provide no PoD for these sims and one of their customer services even rang one of the numbers and spoke to the person who had actually purchased the sim card from them. Obviously VM had got their administration badly wrong and had made an error in assigning these 2 numbers to her account.

Contrary to all the available evidence, VM demanded payment of a "debt" of over £700 and appointed debt collectors. Eventually the debt collectors realised VM were in the wrong and there was no debt to collect.

5 years later, VM are again trying to chase this imaginary debt and have again appointed debt collectors.

At the moment you consider them to be merely "incompetent". I truly hope you don't discover quite how appallingly they can treat their customers.

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