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Using my Mobile in the USA




I am going to the USA on holiday next week for thee weeks and want to use my iPhone 5 mobile as a Sat Nav.

Firstly can i do it and whats the cheapest route?

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Re: Using my Mobile in the USA

Yes you can, sadly on Virgin there is no cheap route for class and to and from the USA.

calls cost a minimum of £1.40 to make and almost that to receive, this means you must stop your voicemail for the duration as they get charges at the same rate.

texts are free to receive, I'm unsure of costs (website under maintenance again) but iifc its 25 p to send.

there is a cheap option, only use Skype, Whatsapp or any other service that uses wifi and then only use it from a free wifi spot.t

tell you contacts to use the same or to text you 

Virgin to not offer ant add on for roaming outside of the EU , date can be bought but again is not cheap

with the now very cheap European charges Virgin use roaming worldwide as a  cash cow.

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