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Using my Internet in Spain? - Data Roaming?

Just wanted to check, I've just bought a 50MB Data Pack for my holiday next week in Ibiza and was wondering as a Pay Monthly customer, why does my normal 1gb of Data Allowance not work? Or should it?


I'm a bit confused as to why I'd have to buy data to use abroad but still pay my monthly cost which is supposed to have 1gb of data included or does that just apply to the UK?


Can someone from Virgin answer this for me please?




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Re: Using my Internet in Spain? - Data Roaming?

With the exception of 3 which allows you to use your normal allowance in Spain all networks charge you extra when abroad. Of course, when you are away you can't use your own allowance so it is win win for the networks.


All this will change in June 2017 when new EU rules come into play and you will be able to use your phone as normal providing you are in a EU country. Long wait I'm afraid.

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Re: Using my Internet in Spain? - Data Roaming?

Hi JP,


Welcome to the communitySmiley Happy and thanks for posting.


I can see enli has already been helping you out which is great.


I've included a link to our roaming pages here for you and also linked you to a helpful post regarding roaming here.


If you have any further queries just get back to us.


Speak soon

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