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Using VM USA Phone on VM UK Plan

Hello! I am a student from the US studying abroad this semester in London. I currently have a Virgin Mobile USA iPhone 5 and want to know if I can use this device on your network - and if so, how do I go about doing so?

I contacted VM USA and they gave me an unlocking code. They instructed me that before I can put a new SIM into my phone, I must contact my new carrier (preferably your company!) and provide them with this code so that you can release my phone from VM USA and put it on your service instead.

I am perfectly happy to purchase a SIM-only plan and switch to your network, but only if it is actually possible to do! The main problem I currently have is that I can only communicate via Internet, or possibly go into a VM store, as I am already in the UK and do not have a functioning phone number yet!!

Please let me know my options, and if there is a way I can join your service for my time in the UK.

Much thanks,
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Re: Using VM USA Phone on VM UK Plan

Hi Ariel,


Thanks for taking the time to post. I'd like to welcome you to the community as well as the UK. I hope you're enjoying your stay so far.


The unlock code has to be entered by you in to the handset. When you put another SIM card in it would give you a warning message. May be it works differently for US handsets but I'm not too sure if I'm honest. You'd probably need the handset configured to our APN settings then.


The only code you would need to pass on to us would be a PAC code but this would be to transfer your number from one provider to another. In your case this wouldn't be relevant.


If you can get yourself to a store they can certainly assist you further. You can check out your nearest store here. If you can get to a phone you could call the team on 0345 6000 789.


Hope this helps. Please let me know how you get on.



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