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Use Contract SIM in SIM Free Phone?

So I got my Galaxy S5 as a birthday present in May, it's on contract. Now I've just finished my first term at university but my phone has not quite survived. A few days ago the screen went black and it won't come back. The buttons and blue light show up but the screen is dead. Replacing it according to virgin will cost me £174. I'm not really keen on that. The lowest estimate I've had from repair shops has been £80. However my phone has a lot of damage on it (casing is scuffed, USB port cover broken, camera screen smashed) so getting the LCD screen replaced isn't the only work it would need doing.

My question is: If I were to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S5 on Amazon for under £200, would I still be able to use my contract SIM in that phone? That way I get a new phone that isn't all banged up, and I don't have to pay for all the damage to be fixed, which I'm sure will cost more than £250.

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Re: Use Contract SIM in SIM Free Phone?

as long as the phone is unlocked to all networks the sim should work 


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