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Usage cap

Can anyone advise me if it is possible to get VM to place a cap on my sons mobile , he keeps going over his usage limit, this month cost me £20.00.

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Re: Usage cap

I believe the minimum cap Virgin will put on a sim is £50.

If it's data he is going over with, you can usually set the phone to automatically turn data off when a figure you set has been reached monthly.
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Re: Usage cap

Hi Steely1,


be aware, from 1st July out of tariff prices are going up Smiley Frustrated


AlexKid :-)

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Re: Usage cap

Hi Steely1

Welcome to the community Smiley Happy

Sorry to hear about you're bills being more than expected due to the extra usage.

I regret we don't offer the facility to place caps on usage. We can set the credit limit to £50 upon request, however this isn't designed as a budgeting tool and we can't guarantee it would stop them going over as the bar doesn't always kick in immediately once the reduced limit is hit.

Do you know what aspect of his allowances he's exceeding to cause the extra charges?

We make it really easy to check how many minutes, texts etc you have left and you can do this using the free 'My Account' app, by calling 789 and by checking your account online.

We also offer the flexibility to change your package up and down at any time (taking affect from the next refresh date). You may find there's a tariff for only an extra couple of pounds per month that offers enough minutes/texts/data to avoid your son going over and any additional charges being incurred.

Some customers are understandably reluctant to increase the package and the upfront cost as they'd prefer to teach the child how to manage their usage, but this would obviously save you from the unexpectedly high bills and could work out cheaper in the long run.

You can look at the alternative tariff options, without committing to a change, on your online account. Just click 'Plan and device' and then 'Change tariff' to view the tariffs available on your plan.

Let me know how you get on.

Many thanks

Mark Y
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