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Hi Everyone

Could use some info. I have just paid my 6th bill on a sim only. All payments have been on time sometimes even early. I was just wondering if im eligible to upgrade to a handset now? Every time ive phoned Virgin the automated voice says im due an upgrade then advisor says after 6 payments they will look into it. Has anyone else had the same experience? What are the chances of getting handset?
Thanks everyone
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Re: Upgrade?

Hi pdebono83,


the handset agreements Virgin setup are called "freestyle" which are basically two separate agreements. One for the handset and the other for the airtime (mins, texts and data) the same as your current SIM only plan.

The handset agreement is an interest free loan or credit agreement that is taken out over the period.
As this is a loan agreement then a credit check would have to be ran in line with the FCA guidelines.

Whilst your past 6 months worth of payments with Virgin may reflect well on your credit score.
It is an external credit file (done by Equifax I believe) that would decide if you could pass for this loan or not.

As for your chances of getting a handset, I couldn't say.

You would need to give the Virgin team a call on 789 from your mobile to discuss this.


AlexKid :-)

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Re: Upgrade?

If Virgin say no, try elsewhere, you may well find they will give you the handset of your choice. Even O2 who do a scheme similar to Virgin have supplied handsets to two people I know previously turned down by the tough Virgin scheme.

You will probably get 4G as well 

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