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Upgrade or close account?


On my previous 24 month contract, my handset only lasted 15 months due to a charging port fault, and on going into our local virgin shop I was told it was too early for my new upgrade,and don't have insurance so had to buy a cheap handset to tide me over. Now on my next 24 month contract, 17 months in and yet again my Samsung handset has failed this time due to an automatic software update that crashed and killed the phone. Not only have I lost all my stuff saved on the phone but I've been told again I can't upgrade. This really upsets me because it's not as if I've mistreated the handsets and broken them, nor do I just want an upgrade to have the latest phone. I don't see why I should have to be insured against a phone being so badly made it can't last two years. Please can you advise if I am able to upgrade or replace somehow, or what I would need to do to leave virgin but keep my number. Michelle

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Re: Upgrade or close account?

Samsung will fix a phone under guarantee at one of their repair centres for 24 months.

Find your nearest and give them a call

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