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Upgrade, needs upgrading

Hi all

I have been with Virgin for 25 years +

Approx 2 years I had a sim only deal basic phone (tenner) £5 per month direct debit. All fine....

However wanted a smart phone as I need for work. Still only wanted a basic set up.

Best option (advertised on virgin site) Samsung J3 (2 bills £6 tariff, £7phone or other way round)

All fine...received phone following day (signed up 21st Nov) No sim, was told I need new sim for 4g chased the following day as still not had sim card, was told "can take 3-4 days" (now the 25th and still not had it)

However the issue I have is that I had some promotional paperwork posted to me today stating that the same deal included a tablet.

This promotion is valid between 21-28 November.

I then rang up customer services asking about this, suprise suprise they don't have any tablets in stock I find this hard to believe. Then I said I would go to a shop and I bet they will have some, I was told they probably will. But I would have to change my contract and by changing my contract I would lose my phone number as my PAC code cannot be sed with the same network provider

Obstacles everywhere. All I want is the tablet that wasn't offered initially on this deal (it was offered on the £16 deal.)

It is even now offered on the virgin website.

I have yet to get my micro sim card I have only turned the new mobile on (and installed upgrades) via wifi.

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Forum Team
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Re: Upgrade, needs upgrading

Hi Bilb0baggins


Welcome to the community. I'm really sorry to hear about the difficulties with your new order. I'd like to take a closer look at this for you so I've sent you a private message which you can view by clicking on the envelope in the top right.


Hope to hear from you soon.


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