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Unrecognized charge. Even Virgin Media team can not recognize it. Should I cancel my contract?

I am a new customer. Just got my SIM card today. Did not insert this card to my mobile phone yet. Logged in to Virgin website and noticed that there is a charge of £1.94 with this note: "Charges above your tariff since last bill." Phoned Virgin Mobile support, they have no idea what is this charge for. Phoned Virgin customer relations team, they also have no idea. What they offer is: "Wait for about 2 weeks and you'll get your bill. After that we will see what is that payment for. And if it is a mistake you'll ask for a refund."

This is a new "SIM only" monthly contract. The SIM card arrived today. I did not use it even for 1 second. So, the usage is: 0 minutes, 0 texts, 0 MB data. What is this charge for?!

(The support team confirmed that there is no usage, no international calls, no calls at all.)

And the invoice I got today (in the envelope with the SIM card) says: "Royal Mail £0.00". So, those £1.94 is not a delivery charge.

I am surprised that nobody at Virgin can answer this simple question. And I am angry that they offer to wait for 2 weeks. Now I can cancel my contract using my "14 days cooling off" period, but if I'll wait for the bill (as they ask me to) I'll lose this option.

The problem is not in those 2 pounds! The problem is: If Virgin has this problem from the start of my contract (when the usage is zero) what should I expect when I'll start using this SIM card?! Should I expect the fair bills for the actual usage?

What if the phone number from this SIM card was used by some person before and Virgin just forwards that person's bills to me? What if Virgin's system has some error?

I was going to transfer my mobile number from Vodafone to Virgin today, but now I can not because of this strange billing issue and Virgin support replies. So, I should continue paying to Vodafone and also pay to Virgin (without using the service). Frustrating...

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Re: Unrecognized charge. Even Virgin Media team can not recognize it. Should I cancel my contract?

Hi IgorIgor,


Sorry to hear that you haven't been able to get a definite answer from us about your unbilled charges on your Virgin Mobile bill. 


We are unable to see the unbilled details as well--just an amount. Once the bill cycle has completed we can then see what the charge is for. On your online bill does it show what this charge is for? 


I will need to take further information from you in order to look into this further for you.


I'll send you a private message requesting further details. Just check the purple envelope at the top right of this page.




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