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Unfair treatment, misleading advertising and confusion.

I inadvertently posted this in Account queries my apologies for that.


As I already have a Virgin mobile, TV, Broadband and phone packages I was considering cancelling with Vodafone to order another Virgin phone, but, after 35 minutes on the phone with a very pleasant lady, I was still no wiser, due to not being able to understand her accent, as to what she was actually telling me about contracts, credit references etc.

I never expected to have any need to go through all this with my details, bank and direct debits already in place.


Then, whilst looking on the Virgin website in an attempt to make sense of what I had been told, I came across the scenario here.


I, like probably everyone else, receive constant flyer's to inform of a special offer for me with an "unmissable offer to share with everyone you live with". Seems a good deal £5 cheaper for being an existing & loyal Virgin customer but wait, there is now this statement to new customers;


"Well we don't mind - you can now get the same prices on our top tariffs as our TV and Broadband customers".


 Frankly I can see no good reason the amazingly good loyalty deal I get from Vodafone should be kicked into touch for a company who seems to care less & less about existing customers.





Now I have read the information regarding Freestyle contracts, or rather loans, I can almost understand what the person with a difficult to follow accent was trying to say to me, but this means of selling actually throws in another issue. Because of difficulty in communication over a sustained period it tends, certainly in my case, makes me think, "oh bugger it, I'll stay where I am and forget the whole thing" ! One gets worn down with the constant request to repeat, almost infact losing the will to live, and certainly in need a a stiff drink.


All I wanted to do is add another Pay Monthly Mobile to my account. I don't want a loan or a sim only deal (which btw now negates the 24 month contract at a fixed amount in my opinion).


Why do things have to get so complex ?



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