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Unable to transfer data to SD card

H have Sony Xperia M$ Aqua and can't for the life of me get data to transfer from the Internal memory SD card

Internal memory shows 7.3 GB used of 8 GB

My Sandisk 32GB card shows 1.09 MB used of 28.96 GB

I choose Settings / Storage / Transfer data to SD card and com to page showing Photos, Videos, Music and Apps/

am unable to tick any of the boxes and "transfer" is greyed out.

I have chosen automatic transfer when charging but doesn't work either

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Re: Unable to transfer data to SD card

Maybe more faff than you are wanting but - You could install a file manager from the play store and use that to manually move / copy / rearrange / delete files and folders as you see fit.

If you have a computer you could also plug your phone into that, (select mtp on the phone usb options if required,) and move the data like you would with any other flash drives. You could also take a backup copy of your photos at the same time.

Moving apps and app data can't be done with the above, though.

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