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Unable to Send Email from iPhone

I have often had a message on my iPhone, especially when abroad, “Unable to Send Email: A copy has been placed in your Outbox. The sender address “—” was rejected by the server.”

Virgin told me this afternoon that the reason is that if I am connecting through a server that is not in the Liberty global network that they use or is not (in the UK) EE, then they deliberately refuse to accept emails for sending from a ‘client’ (meaning software such as Outlook or – on the iPhone – MacMail). They said this was a means (allegedly) of preventing mass uploads of spam. They said I could always go direct to their server on the Internet to send mail – true, but a tedious long way round the problem when all I want to do is send a yes or no answer to someone.

Does this ring true with any experts out there? It fits the intermittent nature of the problems I have and the fact that the same problem has occurred on two iPhones and a laptop, but does not explain the once or twice it happened on my desktop.

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