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Two Virgin Sims - Transfer Number, Cancel Sim

Hi. I have two sims with Virgin. The contract on Sim 1 has expired and this is the mobile number I have always used (was transferred from another network 12 months ago). Sim 2 still has several months remaining on the minimum contract period. I don't use Sim 2 so this is dead money that I'm paying each month. Put simply, I want to transfer the number from Sim 1 onto Sim 2 and cancel the contract on Sim 1. Whichever way you look at it, I want to pay just one contract and keep the number from Sim 1. I spoke to Virgin rep but it seems very complicated - I need to purchase a PAYG sim for a non-Virgin network, make at least one call, request PAC codes to transfer Virgin Sim 1 number to PAYG sim, cancel contract on Virgin Sim 1, transfer PAYG number to Virgin Sim 2 etc. is there really no simpler way? If I'm going to have to purchase a new sim for another network and transfer my number to that network, I am likely to just stay on the new network.

Thanks (sorry for the lack of carriage returns but my browser is struggling to navigate across paragraphs when editing).


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Re: Two Virgin Sims - Transfer Number, Cancel Sim

Hi pogrady23,

you have been advised correctly.

It is not possible to port a number within the same network. (Virgin aren't alone in this).

So the only way to transfer the number from SIM 1 to SIM 2 would be to call & request a PAC code for SIM 1.

Port that number out to another network (cheapest/easiest available SIM from any other network).

Request a PAC code from your new provider then port it back to Virgin on your No2 SIM card.

A right palava, I know, but the only way I'm afraid Smiley Frustrated

AlexKid :-)

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