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Trying to find JUST a tablet

I'm getting really frustrated cause the website is not giving any information at all....I've got a virgin SIM card only deal which is a fantastic deal that I couldn't be happier with and I was trying to find out if I can get a tablet from these guys as well but it won't let me find anything other than free tablet when you get a contract phone. I have my own phone that I'm fine with and I don't want a new one I jut want a tablet!!!!! Any ideas???? I'd rather stick with virgin cause I've got TiVo, broadband and sim only but if it continues being a pain in the bum to get information on something so simple I'm gonna have find a tablet somewhere else 😭😭😭
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Re: Trying to find JUST a tablet


I'm afraid Virgin Media don't sell tablets Smiley Sad

AlexKid :-)

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