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Travel pass problems

After years of having problems getting a travel pass working a young lady at the customer service finally decide to ask me where i was right now (still in UK) and advised the travel pass text top-up wont work until you actually leave the UK. 

I just double checked the virgin website and the travel pass section and nowhere does it say this?

Any chance virgin can put this on the travel pass section as i have been calling you customer service for years now day before travel to add the passes and get is sorted before i travel for no reason.

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Forum Team
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Re: Travel pass problems

Hi ciarand,

Thanks for your post on the Forum. I'm sorry that you've had confusing information regarding how and when to purchase your EU Data Pass.

While in the EU, customers must either use WiFi or purchase a data travel pass in order to connect to the internet and this can be done by:

10MB Travel Pass = £0.35 Text 'BUY 10MB' to 23456

50MB Travel Pass = £1.50 Text 'BUY 50MB' to 23456

250MB Travel Pass = £5    Text 'BUY 250MB' to 23456

Please be aware that you need to make sure that your roaming settings are activated and International Call Barring is switched off before leaving the UK, because if you are outside of the UK and we need to refresh your roaming settings on the network, we cannot guarantee the service will be available.



Virgin Media Forum Team

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