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Travel pass not working

Hi for the 3Rd year running I have purchased a travel pass. This year 250MB. Received a successfull purchase message and have confirmed roaming set up in my account but my phone doesn't connect I only get the basic mtexting and phone service. I've tried rebooting the phone numerous times and resetting the default network but nothing seems to work
Why is this service not free with monthly contracts.
On another note not using the data and still being charged is a farce
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Re: Travel pass not working

Hi shrek288,


your phone may have a seperate switch for data roaming in the settings, possibly:

Android: settings > more settings (or more network settings) > mobile networks > data roaming ( green tick is on, no tick off)

IPhone: settings > mobile data > mobile data options > data roaming slider ( green on – grey off)


If your device is set correctly and your account clearly is as you can call and text.

It is possible that data roaming may not be enabled on Virgin's end.

If this is might be the case, I can only recommend calling them: +447953 967 967


Finally, if you don't manage to get it working you will at least be able to get refunded once you get back home.
(Not the same I know Smiley Sad)


Let us know how you get on.


AlexKid :-)

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