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Transferring responsibility

Wouldnt it be great if companies seen the world a little simpler?

I have a virgin mobile though it was through the account in my old house that was and still is in my exs name. However the contract/loan can't be transferred to my virgin account in my new house.

So i basically have to keep contact with someone who would rather be without this contact to continue to pay this bill.

Or i stop paying it leaving her with debt!

Surely it would be simpler to allow responsibility of the contract/loan to be transferred from one party to the next if both parties are in agreement.

Also this way virgin still recieves the pay back on the contract and keeps both customers using their mobile service.

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Re: Transferring responsibility

All legal stuff a contract is a contract with the two parties that set it up

not a Virgin issue at all
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Re: Transferring responsibility

Contacts can be varied by unanimous agreement. It should be possible to make changes when necessary - even if it generates an administration fee. If it's really not possible for Virgin to do this, it's an internal problem, not a legal one.
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