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Transfer credit between PAYG sim cards?

I have 2 active Virgin PAYG mobile phones, one of which has developed a fault (completely silent). As this phone is only used as a spare, I don't intend to replace it, but its SIM has over £50 credit on it. I rang customer services to request that credit be transferred to my other SIM card, only to be told that this is no longer possible.  She offered to transfer the credit to a replacement SIM but not to the SIM I wish to retain.  


Is there really no way I can use this credit - all purchased - on my main mobile number?

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Re: Transfer credit between PAYG sim cards?

There's no way it can be transferred to an existing SIM, but Virgin aren't alone in being unable to do so. All carriers' pay-as-you-go deals have their top up stuck to that SIM and it can't be transferred or refunded*.


Your best bet is to use the unwanted SIM in the other handset whenever you need to make a long call or aren't too concerned about the person you're calling knowing the correct phone number.


If you're a fan of text voting services like "Britain's Got Talent" you could keep the SIM to one side and use it on that.



* Refunds can't happen under normal circumstances. If they are negligent, a carrier may refund a top up.

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