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Tips if you have signal issues on all networks

if your experiencing signal loss it could be a wide range of issues causing this from the type of building your in and so on, However you can do these simple tests : (1) give your sim a wipe with a cloth then put it back in if no joy check your connection is it 3g? well get it on 2g if your wanting calls and texts more than internet (2) if all else fails this is a great way to end the debate if its the signal the sim or the handset : get the sim from your handset that is not getting the signal place that same sim in another unlocked and working handset and see if you can get a signal on that other handset if you can and on 3g or 2g then your handset is faulty and not the sim or the network then you can tell Virgin that you done the tests and without doubts the handset is faulty and you need a replacement. 

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Re: Tips if you have signal issues on all networks

Hi dazm33,


Thanks for posting. I'm sure community members will find this useful.



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