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Time it takes to get picture message from web portal

Wonder if someone can explain the timings on this or if it can be increased to be quicker.

I got sent a picture message by someone and I cant download it. I believe this is part of my contract and frankly not worried about this. However what normally happens is I then get a text message from Virgin with a link to

and a password to view the picture.

This is fine but from receiving the original message to the text from Virgin seems to take a day or even greater. I received the picture message last night and not holding my breath until I get the virgin text. Why does it take so long? thanks


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Re: Time it takes to get picture message from web portal

Hi jarvjarv,

if you set your phone up for picture messaging future picture messages will come straight to your phone:

How do I set up picture messaging

Personally I always use WhatsApp for sending pictures between friends and family. It's much easier and cheaper.

AlexKid :-)

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