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The irreparable iphone 5C saga continues.....

Cant quite believe I'm back here when my contract has been cancelled and I thought I was done with this nonsense but sadly I need help- AGAIN! Will try to keep it short though.


Just over 2 weeks ago my iPhone 5C developed a fault. I sent it to virgin for repair and phoned to check on progress 5 days later after receiving no communication. I was told the phone was not repairable, but Virgin no longer stock iPhone 5C and I would need to wait for a telephone call to discuss its replacement. Long story short, I was still waiting another 5 days later for communication.


Several telephone calls later (all from me to virgin I might add), I finally got through to someone in retentions to offered to replace my phone with a 5S on the same tariff for the remainder of my contract (14 months). He was unable, however, to get the system to work to book my delivery for this weekend so after discussion with his manager arranged to cancel my contract with no charge to me (my preferred option but one I had been told couldn't be done). I was very grateful to this very helpful gentleman and received a text and email to advise my contract had indeed been cancelled with no charge. Finally excellent service after so much heartache (and a final phone call lasting over an hour and including conversations with 8 different departments). I was so relieved to finally have this finished.


Imagine my surprise, then,  when this evening I have arrived home to find- lo and behold- a brand new iPhone 5C has been delivered to my neighbour for me.


I have checked the package and yes there is an iPhone 5C in it- my question to the forum staff here is what on earth do I do with it now??? I cannot bear to call through to your call centre where I am met with people who cannot converse easily in English (in spite of the fact I am one of the most culturally inclusive people in the land) and who routinely transfer me back to the main menu forcing me to choose from various different options before I can again get to speak to someone who does the same over again.


Please, please, please someone help me put an end to this whole sorry saga- I am completely losing the will here!

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Re: The irreparable iphone 5C saga continues.....

Well kudos to you for telling Virgin you've been sent a handset by mistake when you have written proof that everything's been wrapped up.


Someone from the @ForumTeam will be along shortly to send a private message and arrange return of the handset. It's basically an unsolicited item and there are various legalities about when it's yours to keep, but I suspect that's not going to happen. Legally, you're obliged to allow the opportunity for Virgin to recover the handset at their expense and at no significant inconvenience to you. In practical terms, this means that if they book Yodel to pick it up at a time when you're at the office (for example) you can tell them to stuff off.


It's never good when a company loses a customer, but they've really messed up when the lose an honest customer.

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Re: The irreparable iphone 5C saga continues.....

Hi Coughcake,


Welcome to the communitySmiley Happy


Thanks for posting your question here.


Sorry to hear we've sent you a phone after you cancelled with us.


I'd like to get this sorted for you.


I will send you a private message shortly (red envelope, top left hand side) to discuss this.


Speak soon.


Many thanks



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