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Thanks guys

Hey guys. Just wasted an hour and about £4-5 of credit on absolutely nothing. Because of your site being inadequate and dysfunctional, I tried several times and even talked to an agent, all for nothing. All for your agent to pretty much state how rubbish your site and service and and order me to waste time and credit calling your office. I did so and wasted a further 15 minutes and £4-5 of credit calling your office to put an order in as your site is useless. Upon going through everything I had already done several times on your site, I got to the credit check procedure. I passed this and then was rejected as you didn't want to give me the loan agreement. So, I got refused a loan agreement although my credit was acceptable, but got offered a sim only plan. So, I got rejected of a loan for. £32 a month phone, but got offered a £23 sim deal. This is absolutely ludicrous, that you've wasted my time and money and have rejected me on one but offered me another with a difference of £9. That is so stupid and needless, but thanks for wasting my time and money, all because you can't maintain and run a website (as that's so hard these days to do). And the beauty is, that even if I asked for a refund for the money wasted, you'd probably refuse. So cheers guys, for the excellent customer service and for saving me money and time, sorry, thanks for wasting my time and money. I'll take my business elsewhere.
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Re: Thanks guys

With that initial experience, I hope you realise you dodged a bullet...

Five quid well spent IMHO.

I'm a fan of their broadband, I have home phone and TiVo but I would not take a contract from Virgin Mobile if it paid ME.


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Re: Thanks guys

You should find you have no problem elsewhere.

Like Kippies I no longer use Virgin Mobile for mine or my wife's phone. We have one in the family, that is the daughters, but she handles that.

Broadband is OK for me but their mobile just does not cut it.

In October 2015 Virgin Media is reported as saying it will concentrate its money on rolling out fibre rather than on mobile

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