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Text issue in Greece

im currently in Greece and having been sending texts to another virgin mobile number . Up until about 36hrs ago the texts have been recieved okay but now the person is saying that no texts are being recieved at all...even when I call them to see if they are getting them they say my name comes up on their phone but does not ring..can anyone help? It's been working fine the last week or so. Thanks for any help or advice



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Re: Text issue in Greece

Hi Sprogg Smiley Happy


Cheers for coming in and posting for the first time, it's great to see you here for the first time.


I hope your holiday is going well, Greece is a beautiful place. I would like to help and ask if you've been able to try and test the other phone by calling and texting, to ensure both services work?


Also, try removing the SIM card, rebooting the phone and then booting the device with the SIM card reinserted Smiley Happy


Keep in touch.


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