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Switching numbers from PAYG to monthly


I currently have two numbers, one is a PAYG and the other is a pay monthly. The former is used by my girlfriend, the latter by me.

I want to move my number over to EE (so I can have 4G). However, I realise I've got until November on my monthly contract. Is it at all possible that I could port my number over to EE whilst porting the PAYG number over to the monthly contract, so my girlfriend can take advantage of it? If not, I guess I'll have to do early settlement on the monthly. Which is silly as then I'll be wanting to get a monthly contract set up for the current PAYG.

I did phone up customer services, and was told it wasn't possible. However, as the girl I spoke to seemed to think that I didn't have a monthly contract at all to begin with, and also told me my password instead of my reminder when I said I'd forgotten it, I didn't really have much confidence in her.
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Re: Switching numbers from PAYG to monthly

Hi fyddymycyr,


Thanks for your query Smiley Happy


I'm afraid you wouldn't be able to port your number over to EE while still in contract. You would need to wait for the contract to be up to do this.

Let me know if you have any other queries.



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