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Suspicious Extra Data Charges

Like most parents out there I pay for my children's mobile phone, also with Virgin, on what I deem as sensible tariffs that I can afford.  I am forever talking to them till I am blue in the face to keep an eye on their mobile data, and to monitor their allowances, which I think I have done to a degree of success.  Both tell me that they turn the mobile data off, when they are low and are encouraged to use WiFi whenever they can.

I have spoken with Virgin who have told me that sometimes when using Wifi that it can default to using mobile data !!! Anyway to the matter in hand I have received a bill for one of my phones and I had bit of shock to say the least, as I thought they had disobeyed my instructions as they gone overboard and had exceeded her data by a considerable amount, before I went into a rant, I checked each 'alleged excess useage' and I saw immediately and thought hang on, the phone wasn't used then as they were swim training!! I checked a couple more and hey, they were in school and lessons, and on further checking they were at home and should have using our Wifi !!!

I believe that there is something seriously wrong in the billing, and I have tried to speak to Virgin, and will do so again, however I do not expect to get very far, as being an 'overseas call center' things get lost in translation!!!

Has anybody else out there had/ are having the same issues and if so can I please have some advice, while I do expect there has been the odd charge this has gone on long enough, please help !!!

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Re: Suspicious Extra Data Charges

Hi 1999ajd,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting. Sorry to hear you've been charged extra for exceeding your mobile data allowance. I appreciate this has come as a shock to you.


I'm afraid it's impossible to tell you how the data was used from our end. Some apps on smartphones still use mobile data in the background regardless of whether you're connected to WiFi or not and they'll poll this continuously.


You can go through each app and see what is using using most data. You can set the counters to 0 and monitor usage on a daily/weekly basis to find the culprit. If you want to control your usage in the future then here are a few handy steps to take:-

  • Turn mobile data off as much as possible even when you're connected to WiFi.
  • Set the automatic app updates to only happen happen when connected to WiFi.
  • Go through the applications' permissions and set the background mobile data as off.
  • Set a warning on your handset (is possible) so that when you get close you know not to put it on.

We have the Virgin Mobile My Account app that'll help with motioning usage. As well as the app, you can also monitor your usage via your online account by following these steps:- Log in here> Recent usage.


What handset are they using?


Even if they're in school and not using the phone, mobile data could still be active in the background so it's always beneficial to turn this off.



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