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Suspicious Extra Data Charges

Like most parents out there I pay for my children's mobile phone, also with Virgin, on what I deem as sensible tariffs that I can afford.  I am forever talking to them till I am blue in the face to keep an eye on their mobile data, and to monitor their allowances, which I think I have done to a degree of success.  Both tell me that they turn the mobile data off, when they are low and are encouraged to use WiFi whenever they can.

I have spoken with Virgin who have told me that sometimes when using Wifi that it can default to using mobile data !!! Anyway to the matter in hand I have received a bill for one of my phones and I had bit of shock to say the least, as I thought they had disobeyed my instructions as they gone overboard and had exceeded her data by a considerable amount, before I went into a rant, I checked each 'alleged excess useage' and I saw immediately and thought hang on, the phone wasn't used then as they were swim training!! I checked a couple more and hey, they were in school and lessons, and on further checking they were at home and should have using our Wifi !!!

I believe that there is something seriously wrong in the billing, and I have tried to speak to Virgin, and will do so again, however I do not expect to get very far, as being an 'overseas call center' things get lost in translation!!!

Has anybody else out there had/ are having the same issues and if so can I please have some advice, while I do expect there has been the odd charge this has gone on long enough, please help !!!

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