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Strange text with number - scam?

Today I received a text from 'VirginMedia' which is the same contact that sends me my allowances texts, it read "We've had some issues with your account that could be affecting your mobile service. To solve this, call the team on 08009522025" I immediately found this odd, especially as it didn't look like a Virgin number and when I called it there was no automated lady, just a funny sounding foreign man. He asked what the problem was and I told him about the text. He then asked for my phone number (the one I was calling on) and I told him it. He then asked for my name and the account holders name, then the password. I hesitated for a second and then asked him for the email the account is under, to which he replied "I just need the password to diagnose the problem." I told him I didn't know and he told me to call him back when I found it out, I hung up and immediately wrote this.

I am assuming it's a scam number which used an international server (or something like that) to change the caller id?

Assuming it's a scam I'm not calling back until I have confirmation from the forum.



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Re: Strange text with number - scam?

Sounds very much like a scam, but I think the number is a legit Virgin number for their collections department.



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Re: Strange text with number - scam?

A quick Google search with the number, brings up Virgin Mobile accounts.
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Re: Strange text with number - scam?

Hi thebattley,


Welcome to the community and thanks for posting.


Totally understand your apprehension with this scenario I'd be cautious as well. I can see Gorf and teabag have helped you out already which is always appreciated.


I just wanted to reaffirm what they have already advised. The number is one of ours so don't worry about giving it a call.




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