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Sony experia

 Sent my sony experia off to virgin a week ago and they have rang to say it wont be fixed because of a missing imei number where the sd card holder is. I was shocked and very suprised at this. The phone is 9 months old and never been touched by anyone. Im so annoyed.After 3 calls I have spoken to a Senior manager called Richard removed who should be calling me back in the next 3 days. I told them to keep hold of the mobile till resolved. Seeing all the post on here and on the internet make me believe this is fraud. If they dont fix it i will be going to my local shop to stand outside all day making sure they dont get any business.Ofcom will be notified. Social media will also take a battering. I will make sure it cost them alot more then it cost me. So **bleep** off virgin By Steve Weatherall from Coventry uk Reply 0

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Re: Sony experia

Hi Steveweath,

I have responded to your other post here: Mobile repair and also sent you a private message requesting further details. Please respond via that thread.




Virgin Media Forum Team

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