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Sony Ericsson K550i - Configuration Error

The Sony Ericsson K550i mobile that I have used for nearly 7 years has recently developed a fault, shown onscreen as "Configuration error. Please contact your network operator or service centre."


This fault is stopping me gaining access to most areas of the phone and menu system. The only things I can still do with the K550i, include: (i) accessing the call logs, (ii) making and receiving phone calls, (iii) taking photographs and (iv) changing the phone's profile, i.e. turn on silent, keylock etc etc.


I have turned the phone off and removed the battery, but they didn't offer a solution to my woes.


The K550i has been a great phone for me and I realise it may be near the end of its' working life. I've certainly had my monies worth.


However, I have some important files on it and need to know:


1. Can I safely get the phone working again without losing my files?

2. Is there any way that I can recover my files by downloading them to a laptop, even if the phone won't work properly?

3. Is it worth trying to get the phone repaired and what would my best options be, i.e. approach Virgin Mobile?


I am desperate to retrieve my files and any advice would be much appreciated.

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Re: Sony Ericsson K550i - Configuration Error

Not an expert, but Ill give it a go


Can you connect it to your PC via USB cable? Download the manufacturers software suite and try that first.


If you have a memory stick micro (M2) inserted, you might get lucky and the files you want might be stored on that. So if the USB thing doesn't work, try that.


Ive only seen that sort of error on Sonys when its been flashed wrong. If that's the case your goosed re getting your files back.



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