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I've bought a smart watch for my son for Xmas and it needs a sim to be able to answer calls. He has a pay monthly contract, can I get another sim with the same number to put in it? I'm no good with tech (incase you didn't notice). Thanks

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Re: Smartwatch

I've never owned a watch so can't help there

However you can only ever get one sim per number you need to do a bit of googling to get this resolved
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Re: Smartwatch

Hey madcaz


That sounds like a great Xmas gift but as J0hn says, you can only have one SIM card per phone number.


As far as options go it all depends on its intended use. If it can be used for calls it will be a case of taking his SIM out of the phone and inserting it into the watch or otherwise taking out another SIM for use with it. 


If he wants it mainly for mobile web access, most devices are Wi-Fi compatible. We also offer data only SIM cards as well if required.


Whichever option you feel like going for, you may want to test his SIM card with the smartwatch first to ensure it’s compatible before anything else.


Hope this helps but any questions, please ask.


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