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Slow mobile internet speeds

Hi I have spent almost 30 minutes waiting to be put through to technical support only for my call to be then cut off. My mobile internet speeds are extremely slow even when on full signal and h+. I am not prepared to wait in a que again and no one on the webchat can be bothered to help me set up a call back. 

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Re: Slow mobile internet speeds

webchat like most of the virgin contact is sales only.


what is slow everything in general?



itheres a thread further down ive talked in about virgin limiting the speed of google services, (youtube etc) I moved my phone from virgin to EE on the weekend simply becuse of this and there tiny data allowances

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Re: Slow mobile internet speeds

Hi fliam223,


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear the mobile internet speeds are slow.


We don't have access to mobile accounts via the forum so unable to give an accurate answer to your question. There are a few things we need to consider.


It doesn't appear to be a signal fault as you've stated the signal strength is on full with H+ functionality.


There's a 3.5GB fair usage policy. So if you exceeded this then you would be capped to 2G speeds. This would be until the end of the calendar month at which point it would go back to normal.


Do you use a lot of mobile data? You can check your usage by downloading the 'My Account' app or by signing in online.


Failing this I'd need you to call the team again on 789 from a Virgin Mobile handset or 0345 6000 789 from any other handset so they can diagnose further.


Hope this information helps.



Forum Team
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