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Sims what a mess

Ordered a phone with a separate sim. Sent phone back as the sound quality was poor. Kept the sim and put it into my old phone I ordered another sim on line for my husband. He started to use his at the beginning of December. My sim contract on line only cost £4 a month ( great deal) the payment was due to come out of my bank on 5/12/17. Virgin cut my phone off on the 6/12/17. I checked my on line account it said the £4 was paid on the 5/12/17. So then I checked my bank virgin had taken £8 for my sim and £11 for my husbands. His was supposed to be for £9. After countless phone calls I said to cancel the sims and send out two new sims for the £10 contract. I was told they needed to speak with my husband and would call him ( virgin never bothered) I also was told they would call me back too (virgin never bothered) so what do I do now? and how can they take more money out of my bank account than what we agreed on.? It was a contract. Nothing makes any sense.

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