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Sim swap

I have swapped my phone to a phone which uses a micro sim card, (it has the micro sim card in it but is no longer connected, it was used for a pay monthly contract) my old phone used a normal sized sim card.  How do I transfer my number to the micro sim card?  I am a pay as you go customer.

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Re: Sim swap

Hi DeanFow,


you'll need to give customer services a call (free on 789 from your mobile) and ask for a replacement SIM.

They'll send you out a 3 in 1 (Mini, Micro, Nano) SIM that you just pop out to the size needed. Once you've activated it your mobile number, tariff and any credit balance will swap over.

Alternatively if convenient you can pop into your local Virgin Media store and they should be able to sort you out.


AlexKid :-)

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