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Sim Only 50% Price Increase


I have been a virgin mobile customer for a very long time, and recently received a letter telling me that my sim only tariff will be going up by £3.  I currently pay £6, so going up to £9 is a whopping increase of 50%!

I have phoned virgin media regarding this twice now (both times getting through to call centres in foreign countries) and keep getting fobbed off with the following:
- It is in line with RPI (No its not, stop reading your script...)- "All businesses need to put the price up every year" (Yes... but not by 50%, especially when virgins 2015 vs 2014 profits were 38% higher)
- "We no longer do the tariff your on so have created special new tariffs and its still a very good deal"
- "We no longer do loyalty discounts"

Could someone from Virgin actually explain the full reasoning behind this increase? 

The level of customer service received tonight is actually the main reason I am now thinking about leaving virgin (price issue aside).

Customer service agents should never dictate to the customer wither something is a good deal or not, that is up to the customer to decide. 
The "manager" I spoke to in the foreign call centre even said the following to me;- "You will pay £9 a month"
- "We are giving you the option to cancel"  (no your not... thats always been my right especially on a rolling contract!)

Absolutely shocking display of customer service tonight,  I wish virgin would do away with these terrible overseas call centres.

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Re: Sim Only 50% Price Increase

Hi craigmcintosh_2,

unfortunately you get a similar level of response from the Virgin team on this forum:

AlexKid :-)

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Re: Sim Only 50% Price Increase

Why I left I'm afraid.

The company expects customers to show them loyalty meanwhile their getting the stiletto ready.

Virgin Mobile have stopped competing for customers, that is why the CEO was soooooo happy for the Three/O2 merger, that would mean that Virgin could put up prices even more due to the reduction in competition, there is speculation that VMobile may bid.

So far from being the outsiders who fight for customers and offer more, Virgin mobile offer less and charge you more for it.

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Re: Sim Only 50% Price Increase

If Virgin bid for O2, there will be a lot of very unhappy O2 customers if Virgin carry on as usual.