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Shocking service

6 weeks ago I recieved a replacement phone only it didn't have a SIM tray.

After numerous phone calls to the 'TECH Dept' I might as well of banged my head against a brick wall. On many accounts I have been told it would be with me in 3-5 days. I have also been told that they have the phone in stock, so I've suggested taking a SIM tray out of one, and then been told that there was a mistake as there wasn't any in stock...lies, lies, lies.

I am a reasonable man but this has gone on too long. 6 WEEKS WITHOUT THE USE OF MY MOBILE!

I have been asked to buy the SIM tray and Virgin will reimburse me....that's not the point. Virgin cocked up, so Virgin can put it right.

This has got to be the most shocking, uncaring service I have ever recieved

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Re: Shocking service

You are lucky they have agreed to do that much for you, if you have it in writing I'd take it.

The alternative is longer without the phone working and frustration growing. Just consider it a short term loan
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