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Samsung 4 mini blue screen

The saga continues,, wife received a text on phone she has had to borrow this morning stating that her fone will be delivered today between the hrs of 2pm - 3pm,  wow she thought They actually believe me at VM that I did not Root my phone, she recalls the last conversation that she was offered the phone back unrepaired, of course she decline, so she phoned the  technical department to ask if she was receiving a new phone, NO she was told its the old one still broke cause you broke it Mrs..............

but give us £96 quid and we will fix it, hold on I told you I didn't want my old BROKEN fone back "But Mrs....................

after 5 days we have to return working or not"  well I shall decline it when its delivered as its no good to me broken, again the story unfolded whereupon she was accused of Rooting her fone which voids the warranty (funny that, her contract is up Feb 2016 perhaps they don't want to issue a new fone)

Liam, the manager from the resolution team phoned her back and  was adamant that they couldn't do any more to help as the phone had been rooted so there was nothing more they could do! My wife is No techo geek,  Liam was having none of it, he went further when my wife informed him that her husband was unfolding the story on the VM forum and had been contacted by a tech support (forgive me Matt) upon Liam replied, "Yes they will ring her/him" but gave in his tone of voice as not to hold her breathe in any chance of getting her fone fixed and believing her, while also he informed her that they will keep on delivering the BROKEN phone until it was signed for,  of course she replied "Im not gonna accept/sign for a broken phone"


So all you VM customers out there, it doesn't matter how long you been a loyal customer ( me, from the days when it was Birmingham Cable) if you have a fault with your mobile, broadband or TV, they will close ranks and blame you,


Thank you  Virgin Mobile you have just lost 5 mobile contracts, one by one as they expire, my virgin media services will be dropped as soon as I establish another provider and will make it my mission to  spread the word through social Media how awful Virgin Mobile/ media treat their customers 



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