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SIM card not delivered, received a bill....Great start Virgin

I am currently with Tesco Mobile who are faultless with customer service but expensive. I decided to join Virgin Mobile as they were cheaper, already I have an issue, I ordered my SIM card four days ago (not received yet).

Today I get an email saying I will be billed in two weeks time, how does this make sense????

The online chat never works and the phone help is a queue of 15 minutes which is not free as I am still with TESCO.

This is the second time I have attempted to join Virgin, the first time was a disaster too..

IS THIS NORMAL FOR THIS SERVICE??? If so I am not joining....

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Re: SIM card not delivered, received a bill....Great start Virgin

Hi ScootyUK,


it's normal to be billed within the early days of your contract as this is to cover the tariff charge for month ahead.

About your bill > When do I get my bill?

"You'll get your very first bill in the first week of your contract. It'll include your first monthly charge, as well as all your call details up to the billing date. From then on, we'll send you your bill on the same date every month."

It's unfortunate that you haven't yet received your SIM (presumably it's being sent by Royal snail). Hopefully it will arrive very soon.


I've called customer services myself this morning and was lucky to have my call answered within a few minutes.

(As a long term customer, overall I'm happy. Any problem usually gets sorted out and they are often willing to offer a "goodwill gesture" for any inconvenience).


As you're a new customer you could try the sales team on (freephone) 0800 052 0238.

Or there is the web chat option: Contact us > Mobile > Your account > Chat online.


AlexKid :-)

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