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SIM Card for trip to Britain???


Sorry for such a dumb question, but we are older and don't understand this phone stuff as well as we should.

We will be traveling to the UK for three weeks this summer. The guy at our local Apple store (in the USA) said that the best deal was to go with Virgin Mobile for a 1 month contract. Thus,

  1. How do we buy this card and contract from the USA (so that we have it and are ready to go when we deplane)?
  2. How can we get just a data card for our iPad?
  3. Can we forward calls from our Apple AT&T numbers to the new Virgin Mobile SIM number?

Thank you!

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Re: SIM Card for trip to Britain???

You will likely need to buy the SIM in the UK but look on eBay or Amazon.

Your iPhone will need to be unlocked.

Check the website for iPad data SIM info. 

Note: Virgin Mobile UK does NOT offer 4G/LTE data speeds.



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