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S4 unstable with no sound since Android 5 update

I got the update a couple of months ago and everything was fine. In addition to the obvious visual change, I noticed my phone kept telling me I was on "EE" rather than "virgin".


About two weeks later, I got another update - no visual changes apart from the phone now telling me I was on "virgin". My phone now takes about 5 times longer to boot, and often crashes. I'm due for an upgrade in October so I thought I would just put up with it. That was until I noticed that I now only get sound on boot through the speaker and when using a bluetooth headset. Audio through the phone speaker no longer works.


(1) The phone is not muted! :-)

(2) All sounds are at maximum.

(3) Have cleared cache.

(4) Have factory reset at least 5 times.


I'm thinking that it an OS issue with the latest update. It may be the OS or a compatibility issue with one of my apps.


I may factory reset one more time and not install any apps to see if it is an app issue, however does anyone on here have any ideas please?



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Re: S4 unstable with no sound since Android 5 update

If the resets not working id try flashing the firmware using odin or samsung kies, my s4 got the update and had no issues actually runing beter after the update so it wont be a typical reaction

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