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Rubbish Windows Phones and Poor Customer Service



About a year ago and after being a Virgin media customer from day one, I decided to switch my Mobile to Virgin Mobile, after chatting to the bloke on the phone and explaining what I wanted the phone for, I was told the Lumia 640 LTE was the way to go? wow was I sold a pup! and it came with a free windows 10 upgrade? which never happened!

Turns out no one, not even Virgin do any suitable Apps! 

Now I'm stuck for another year I've been had, Virgin pulled a fast one!

 I spent two hours today i'm no further forward and just get pushed backwards and forwards with customer services (NOT what i'd call them) and sales?


waste of my afternoon off


they did offer me the chance to pay off my my Lumia 640 at £380, 


Not impressed!


never by a Windows phone again, especially from Virgin!  

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Re: Rubbish Windows Phones and Poor Customer Service

VM have nothing to do with the apps, or lack thereof for Windows phone.

Basically because they have a small market share, developers don't bother making apps for em. Its a pity as I like the actual phones themselves. And if all you want is connectivity, photos and internet access, with easy syncing to your Windows PC, they are spot on. My better half runs one as its easier for her to keep her music synced between desktop and phone,.

But if you are looking for apps, they are indeed poorly supported.



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