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Roaming with Travel Pass

Phoned 789 before I left the UK to get my travel pass set up and to confirm my phone was set up to be used abroad (Portugal). On landing here every one of my 7 friend's phones connected to the local providers and they had instant access to the internet (they are NOT with Virgin). My phone said 'no service'. I tried switching off, hard reset, manually connecting to network etc but nothing helped. Contacted customer service on the long number provided (for which I assume I've been charged a fortune) and was told my phone wasn't set up for roaming at their end! They switched it on and said try again after a hard reset. Still no internet and won't have access to wifi for the next 3 days.
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Re: Roaming with Travel Pass

Hi HayleyDee81,


Thanks for your post and I'm very sorry about the troubles you're having whilst abroad.


I'd like to look into this but need further information from you.


I've sent you a Private Message which you can view in the red envelope at the top left of the forum.


Many thanks,



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